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August 25, 2010


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Jeri Quinzio

Another great idea for finding tins for the bread. Thanks Tim.


Chock Full of Nuts coffee still in the metal cans. I only use them each once. They don't clean and reuse well. Just made the Thanksgiving batch of 6.

Jeri Quinzio

Using large soup cans is a great idea, Ann.

Thanks so much.


I have found the 18oz, large, condensed soup cans are a good size.

Jeri Quinzio

True, but I did find pudding molds online for not much money. It's worth doing,even if you only use them once in a while. Good luck.

Sue Conrad

Unfortunately, one-pound coffee/vegetable cans are unavailable these days, and steamed pudding molds aren't exactly easy to locate, either!!

Michael Slayne

hmm, hadn't made an actual home bread in years...I feel kinda motivated by reading your article and I think I'll try tonight to bake that Boston brown bread. Sounds good and thanks for the recipee

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