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April 26, 2010


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Jeri Quinzio

Hi Dave,

Thanks so much. Check out Wagon Wheel Kitchens by Jacqueline Williams. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Dave Cook

Dear Ms. Quinzio:

I've been researching snow cream. This winter, my work has been largely confined to efforts such as reading your very enjoyable book; the weather has been too warm for much hands-on investigation. Though not listed in the index, your recounting of a tale from the South Pass of the Rockies was exhilarating, in a lemons-from-lemonade sort of way. Can you point me to any other resources, perhaps from your book's substantial bibliography, that discuss snow cream at more length? Please contact me at DaveCook [at] EatingInTranslation [dot] com. Best wishes,

Dave Cook

Jeri Quinzio


What a nice comment! Thanks so much, Jeri

Anthony Capella

Dear Jeri - Many congratulations on the award. I'm a novelist who writes (in a loose way) food-related stories. My forthcoming book is about an ice cream maker at the court of Charles II, and I'm wondering if I might link to the 'sample chapter' pdf of your book on my website so that any readers who want to find out more about the actual history of ice cream can be steered towards it? Do email me on anthony (at) anthonycapella.com
Best, Anthony Capella

Kathleen Wall

Congratulations! They recognized your work for all the right reasons! I admit,my first reaction to your book was "Ice cream - I love it". And then I put down my spoon and cracked open the cover and loved it for the contents.

Jeri Quinzio

Thanks, Ken. I was - am still am - thrilled and surprised. Jeri

ken Albala

Hurrah! I was there and clapped and hooted louder than anyone! Congratulations! Well deserved!!!


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