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January 19, 2009


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Oranges - and lemons - were pretty common in the Grand salads of the 17th century. Gervase Markham has A Salad fit for Prince in the early part of the century but Robert May is the salad king in the post English Civil War period. That is, until John Evelyn comes along, who thinks he's being nostalgic but in fact is re-inventing the form. It's adding exotics like olives and oranges that make this class of salads Grand in the 17th century. There is a similar sold - with oranges and date, not olives, that Paula Wolfort has in one of her books of Mediterranean food... Either way I'm having a salad with oranges and olives tonight!

Kathy flynn

I've assembled this type of salad a few times. and my 'eaters' (ages 6 to 60+) , have loved it, even though they first tried it to be 'polite'. It's an Irish family?....need I say more. But, again, they loved it. We're so unaccustomed to such a pairing as 'fruit with olives'. But, essentially, it is 'fruit' with 'fruit'.

Your "frisson of frissee' wording is elegant.

I'm happy to see your blog developing so well! ksf

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