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June 27, 2012


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Jeri Quinzio

Thanks. So glad you like it. Yes, you can vary the jam or marmalade so it's always different. Best, Jeri

Tony Lama Mens Boots

This is the best recipe I have made for bread pudding. It is not too sweet and can be changed simply with a different flavor of jam/jelly. My picky mother even requests it for holiday desserts and better yet the kids like it.

Jeri Quinzio

Thanks so much. They're worth the calories - every once in a while.

Barbara Mende

What a delightful book! The trouble is that it makes me crave all these calorie-full puddings. But it's fascinating to read about how they originated, who ate them through the ages, and why.

Ruth Ingedrey

It is really stuffed with calories so it is best to have it during breakfast. This way you will get as much calorie as you need to fuel your day.

Jeri Quinzio

Thanks so much. Every time I serve it, someone asks for the recipe. Hope you enjoy it, too.

Rose Taylor

Breakfast has always been my favorite part of the day. I most especially love the sweet aroma of butter and cream and the fresh scent of the morning. This Marmalade Bread Pudding is a good addition to my breakfast recipes.

Sabra Morton

Jeri Quinzio's earlier books have been so interesting that I'm truly looking forward to her forthcoming history of puddings.

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